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Dubai Patches UAE is the only reliable and affordable dealer in the country, shipping top-quality custom made patches beyond the horizons.

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    Dubai Patches UAE – The Patches Passionate Company

    Custom Made Patches Emerging Out of Artistic Imaginations

    Turning your digital-age-inspired designs into custom made patches, emerging out of artistic imaginations, is the real passion of us and our experts. The customized patches contribute significantly in helping you present yourself in the best light to the audience, evoke a sense of unity among the team members, and rank the deserving employee through personalized patches. Our professional and experienced patch makers make full use of their artistic imagination and squeeze out their creative juices to make Dubai patches for you.

    The battalion of professionals works by closely observing and understanding your unique vision about your business and spare no effort to reflect that in their designs. The team will aid you in picking the right type of fabric, thread type, color, shape, and other elements to produce excellent quality custom labels. Hence, when you work with us, you can break away from traditional designs and all worries associated with Dubai patches – because you got backed up by some "out-of-the-box thinkers" of the era.

    Woven PatchWoven Patch:

    We specialize in supplying top-quality woven
    patches made of the thinnest thread.

    T-Shirt PrintingT-Shirt Printing:

    By rendering maximum use of advanced
    technologies, we print high-quality t-shirts.

    Football JerseysFootball Jerseys:

    The diehard fans of football are treated with the
    best football jerseys, mirroring their dedication.

    Custom HatsCustom Hats:

    Take your branding to the next level by
    adding your unique logo to hats or caps.

    Uniform Company Uniform Company:

    Identify the individuals associated with
    your company by excellent quality uniforms.

    Name BadgeName Badge:

    Keep everyone's name at your fingertips with
    perfectly made name badges by experts.

    Embroidery PatchesEmbroidery Patches:

    Elevate any garment by using our
    custom crafted embroidery patches.

    Sticker LabelsSticker Labels:

    Allow your audience to identify the product
    at a glance through sticker labels.

    Iron On PatchesIron On Patches:

    Get easy to apply iron on patches that
    would stay intact with your dress forever.

    Navy PatchesNavy Patches:

    Present the appreciation to your navy
    officials with custom navy patches.

    Military PatchesMilitary Patches

    Top quality military patches to help
    you show your patriotism.

    Woven LabelsWoven Labels

    Give the perfect touch to your apparel
    through long-lasting woven labels.


    The entire process of making custom made patches online happens before the very eyes of the customer support and quality assurance department. This ensures that all your requirements are ticked and incorporated into the design. Our customized patches are popular in UAE, for being highly creative and in line with the client's specifications. And just like our name, "Dubai Patches UAE", we intend to practice the industry's best customization standards in each order. Place your order and hand over your designs to the professionals.

    UAE's Creative Ninja – The Personalized Patch Maker!

    Personalized Patch Maker

    The custom clothing patches dispatched by us roar inventiveness and helps our clients to go beyond the limits of creativity. Here, every order is taken as a challenge regarding creativity and artistic approach. Being employed with creative ninjas of the town, we have the creative power to give an exquisite and aesthetic touch to every cotton badge created.

    Our capable experts can prepare personalized labels by staying in line with all client's requirements. This covers custom patches for clothing, bags, jeans, t-shirts, blankets, hats, and other purposes. Be it custom labels for clothing, logos or any other purpose, client's consent is taken on every step to ensure the end results fully entice them.

    The client is given the leverage of choosing sizes, fabric, type of backing, border type, and thread color. The delivered cheap custom patches reflect what the client wishes for. Whether you need large custom patches or smaller ones, our professionals can make it all happen perfectly! Hence place your order, and watch the transformation of your dream design into a label.

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    Your Custom Patch for Clothing is 4 Steps Away!

    A 4-step drill is followed to get you the finest personalized patches for clothes or any purpose. We ensure the whole process is see-through for you, giving you a sense of relief and peace of mind. Get your order for custom-designed patches by going through the following process:

    Upload Your Artwork

    Upload the design online if you wish to get transformed into a custom patch. The team of designers would analyze the design and get into action to know the rest of the requirements regarding the order. In case you don't have the design, we can make one for you (free of cost).

    The other requirements would include the type of fabric you wish to use, the type of backing you need to secure the label with the cloth, the color of the threads, the number of colored threads you need, and other information. This helps us to determine the cost precisely.

    Upload Your Design
    Upload Your Artwork
    Digital Draft

    Once the force of expert designers knows everything, they'd pull up their sleeves and prepare a digital draft. The design you shared with us will be vectored through advanced software we have invested in. then; a digital draft is shared with the client to seek approval.

    The client can share constructive feedback regarding the design. In case if they spot the opportunity to improve the design, we can do the needful without any additional charges. This stage is crucial as final result (i.e., patches) depends upon the design prepared by us.

    Upload Your Design
    Digital Draft
    Transformation of the Design

    Brace yourselves and tighten the seat belt because the design is turned into a patch at this stage. All of your requirements are taken into great consideration. The prepared fabric label turns out to be exactly the way you wanted it to be.

    After the production, we share a picture of the final products with the client to keep them reassured that their products are a few days away from them. The quality assurance depart ensures that all client requirements have been ticked and followed.

    Upload Your Design
    Transformation of the Design
    Order is Shipped

    Your most awaited parcel will reach you within a dedicated timeline! Custom Patches UAE is known for being very punctual with its order. Hence, you may expect delivery a little prior to the original deadline mutually decided by the client and us.

    We have partnered with the best logistics in the town, ensuring that the order is delivered on time. The credit for being highly punctual goes to our logistic partners, who are always on their toes to ensure on-time deliveries without any exception

    Upload Your Design
    Order is Shipped
    Collection of Our Treasure-Worthy Dubai Patches

    People Applauses for Dubai Patches UAE

    “Best Quality”Dubai Patches AE - 5 Star Rating

    "These patches exceeded my expectations. The quality of the materials and stitching is top-notch, ensuring they will last a long time. The intricate designs add a unique flair to my belongings, making them a stylish and durable choice."

    Mohammad Salah
    Mohammad Salah
    “Timely Deliverance”Dubai Patches AE - 5 Star Rating

    "Impressed by the Dubai patches' vivid colors and detailed landmarks. They effortlessly capture the city's essence and look fantastic on my backpack."

    Noor Ibrahim
    Noor Ibrahim
    “Amazing Screen-printing”Dubai Patches AE - 5 Star Rating

    "Dubai patches are a must-have for travel enthusiasts. The iconic symbols showcased on each patch are a great way to reminisce about my trip."

    Hamdan Ali
    Hamdan Ali

    Dubai Patches UAE Banks Upon Four Towers of Strength

    Enhance Your Style with Versatile Designs of Embroidered Patches Dubai

    At we specialize in creating stunning and custom embroidered patches to suit your unique style. Whether you're looking for iron patches, military patches, name badges, navy patches, woven labels, or woven patches, we have a wide range of options to fulfill your patch design needs. With our exceptional embroidered patches design, we give unique attention to detail and commit to customer 100% satisfaction. Our patch makers guarantee patches that are not only visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting. Get ready to elevate your fashion, accessories, or team apparel with our top-quality custom patches. Make a statement and add a touch of personality to your wardrobe with our iron patches. These versatile patches can be easily applied using iron on embroidered patches, allowing you to transform your clothing, accessories, or even home decor. From trendy designs to custom logos or artwork, our iron patches offer a wide range of options for expressing your individuality. Choose from various shapes, sizes, and colors to create patches that truly reflect your unique style.

    Build Impressive Corporate Identity with Personalized Embroidery Patches

    Elevate your professional image with our high-quality name badges. Be it for corporate events, conferences, or daily office wear, we offer a range of designs to suit your requirements. Our customize patches of names are professionally crafted, incorporating your company logo, individual names, and job titles. Impress clients, establish credibility, and foster a sense of unity among employees with personalized name badges that reflect your brand identity. Name Badges are professionally crafted to reflect your brand identity. Personalize each badge with individual names, job titles, and company logos to foster a sense of unity and professionalism. Stand out from the crowd and establish credibility with custom name badges that leave a lasting impression. For this, you just need to search best embroidery patches near me and you will find leading its way, among all!

    Crafting Exceptional Embroidery Logo Patches with Premium Fabric"

    Our goal at custom embroidered patches UAE is to deliver patches of exceptional quality that you can proudly display. We start by carefully selecting premium fabrics that are durable and can withstand regular wear and tear. These fabrics are chosen for their vibrant colors and texture, ensuring that your patch stands out. Once the fabric is chosen, our skilled designers begin the production process. Being the best patches design agency in UAE we use state-of-the-art machinery and techniques to meticulously cut and shape the fabric into the desired patch design. Whether it's a complex logo, intricate artwork, or detailed text, our craftsmen pay close attention to every detail to ensure accuracy and precision. To ensure longevity and easy application, we employ high-quality backing materials. These backings are carefully chosen based on the fabric patches and their type and including their intended use. Whether it's an iron-on backing for easy application or a sew-on backing for a more permanent attachment, we ensure that the backing is compatible with the fabric and design. Once the patches for clothes or accessories are shaped and backed, our team meticulously stitches or heat-seals the design onto the fabric. This step requires skill and precision to ensure that the patches are securely attached and the design remains intact. Throughout the production process, our quality control team closely inspects each patch to ensure it meets our stringent standards. They check for any flaws, imperfections, or inconsistencies in color or stitching. Only the patches that pass this rigorous inspection make it to the final stage. We strive to deliver patches that not only showcase your unique style but also to keep the pride of being the best-embroidered patches shop in the Gulf alive. When you choose our services, you can trust that you are getting the best quality patches made with the utmost care and dedication to excellence.

    Show Your Honor with Distinction of Navy & Military Customize Patches

    If you serve in the Navy or have a loved one who does, our navy patches are designed to showcase your pride in style. Our talented designers understand the significance of naval insignias and symbols, and they meticulously create custom navy patches that honor the bravery and dedication of our sailors. From traditional anchor designs to specialized unit emblems, our navy embroidered patches allow you to display your connection to this noble branch of the military with distinction and honor. Showcase your pride and honor your military service with our exceptional collection of military custom-made embroidered patches. We understand the importance of these patches as symbols of bravery, dedication, and achievements. Our experienced designers work closely with you to create custom military patches that capture the essence of your branch, unit, or special milestones. Whether you're a veteran, active-duty service member, or supporter, our military patches allow you to display your allegiance with pride and respect. Even if ain’t belong to the field, however, by wearing our custom fabric patches for the military and navy, you not only display your pride but also create a connection with fellow service members and veterans. These patches serve as a badge of honor, a reminder of shared experiences, and a symbol of the bonds forged through service. Whether you're looking to enhance your uniform, personalize your gear, or commemorate a special milestone, our custom military patches are a tangible representation of our dedication and commitment to our nation.

    Have Question? We Have The Answers!

    We utilize high-quality materials to create our custom patches. Depending on the type of patch, we may use durable fabrics, threads, and adhesive backings to ensure longevity and easy application. Rest assured that our patches are crafted to withstand regular wear and tear, maintaining their vibrant colors and sharp details.

    Ordering custom patches is easy! Simply visit our website and select the desired patch type from our range of options. Then, follow the prompts to customize your design, including selecting the size, shape, colors, and any specific details or artwork you want to incorporate. Once you're satisfied with your design, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout to finalize your order.

    Absolutely! We proudly serve customers from around the globe. Whether you're located locally or internationally, you can easily place an order for our custom patches. We offer worldwide shipping to ensure that everyone can enjoy our high-quality patches and personalized designs. Here we put a full stop to your query about where to buy embroidered patches by offering worldwide shipping.

    The turnaround time for custom patch orders depends on various factors such as the complexity of the design, quantity, and current order volume. As a general guideline, our standard turnaround time is approximately 10 to 20 business days. However, we strive to provide quick and efficient service, and we will do our best to accommodate any urgent requests or specific timelines.

    Absolutely! We understand the importance of being able to track your order, especially when it is being shipped internationally. Once your order is processed and shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number. You can use this tracking number to monitor the progress of your shipment online.

    Please note that customs and import regulations vary from country to country. Depending on your location, there may be additional fees, taxes, or duties imposed by your local customs authorities upon the arrival of your order. These fees are the responsibility of the recipient and are not included in the shipping charges paid to us. We recommend checking with your local customs office for more information on any potential fees or charges that may apply to your international order.

    Yes, we offer cheap pricing and discounts for wholesale orders. We understand that many businesses, organizations, and teams require custom patches in bulk quantities. Our pricing structure is designed to provide cost-effective solutions for such orders. To discuss your specific requirements and obtain a customized quote, please reach out to our customer support team, and we'll be happy to assist you.